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Wholesale designer bags and how you can become a part of this trend

Want to become a part of the fashion industry? Want to do business with the most successful and well known names of fashion? If yes, this post is perfect for you. In today's article we are going to talk about wholesale designer bags and how you can get hold of the best designers who can help you do a better job with your business. Keep reading to find out!

Get hold of the good dealers

Most of the dealers that sell designer bags are from England, France and Italy. You will not find them in the states and that completely makes sense. ForYSL bags and to get the best of them, you must have a good relationship with the boutiques so that they can give you the best supply when they are overstock. You should become very familiar with the countries that produce the best handbags originally. When you are able to do that, most of your problems are solved.

Know the language

A second thing you must do is know the language well. By language we mean mostly French or Italian. It will help you understand cost, colours, styles, handbags when you have been given the inventory list. It would also be quite good to know if you could say hello and what your intentions actually when you are speaking to the dealer. By possessing lexical wisdom, you have to be careful when it comes to searching on the internet. Don't ever limit your search.

Speak to as many dealers as you can

Third, you should get in touch with as many dealers as you can. They can help you understand which dealers are honest and which ones are really interested in having a business relationship with you. Once you have got the list from the dealers, you can cross check them. Are the prices the same? It is important to gage if the dealer is selling merchandise that is authentic or not. There are chances the handbags sent to you are not real. So be very careful of that.

Understand the terms

Fourth, you should understand all the terms of the sale when it comes to placing the right order. There are times when the dealer wants to deposit on your order but unfortunately they get to commit to only around thirty percent of the pay and the items that have been shipped. Also several dealers will only be able to accept the transfers of the bank. Unlike the money order or even credit card purchases, you will not be given any third party protection. So you have to make sure that you have the phone number of the dealer along with the business and mail address.


Yes! We all love the idea of having a start up business, especially one in the fashion industry but in the process we should be very careful. There are a lot of other factors that you will have to consider. Unlike the list and directories, you can get true sources of best designersYSL bags if you go to the right people. Check out https://www.luxtime.su/ysl-bags for more details.